Tiko Hardy

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Tiko Hardy

“Remember that show Cheers with the theme song that went, ‘sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name’…..well, that’s what being at Lincoln is like for me. I was accepted at ISU but wanted to come here. Anyone who needs a little more help or time will find it here,” emphatically states non-traditional LCN student, Tiko Hardy.

At first, Tiko wasn’t sure about attending any college. A rough home life as a child contributed to her becoming a drop-out in the 9th grade. A single mom, on her own from her early teen years, she eventually obtained her GED and went on to become a retail manager. Despite this achievement, she didn’t see herself as the type of person who goes to college.

The encouragement of her husband, Bryant Hardy, with whom she’s been married for five years, helped change her mind. Bryant is also enrolled at Lincoln College-Normal in the Bachelor Program in Business. He told Tiko that “those who struggle the most, achieve the most. Let your struggle be your success.”

In coming to LCN, Tiko was surprised by the time and attention she found here. She commented that her advisor Stephanie Zimmerman spent two hours with her, explaining the college process and answering all her questions, never mentioning the time once.

Asked if she found an instructor or class here particularly interesting or challenging, Tiko responded, “I would do an injustice to esteem one instructor over any other. Everyone is great — everyone, without exception, drops what they’re doing if I have a question or a problem.”

Tiko did note something Mr. Jeff Kratz told her once – that she wasn’t paying for a degree, she was paying for a college education. That idea of becoming an educated person has stayed in her mind ever since, she said. To emphasize the point, she explained how she had gone from someone who had never read a book or even knew about the Holocaust to someone who has an appreciation for Elie Wiesel’s Night.

Tiko added that the Learning Resource Center has been a big help to her in pursuing this education. “The LRC here at Lincoln is very unique in its open door policy. It is there for the students, available any time, which is a big help for me with my busy schedule.”

For Tiko, that busy schedule includes not only college classes but also being a mom to two daughters, Shotika, thirteen, who helps her mom in math, Sierra, 10, and Bryant Jr., 8. Further, Tiko volunteers at the Path Crisis Center 3 hours a week and teaches Sunday School to high school aged youth at her church, combining lessons about everyday life skills with Christian principles.

In the future, Tiko hopes to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, eventually pursuing a career to encourage and develop programs for young single parents from disadvantaged backgrounds – to help them achieve the kind of success in life with which she feels she is now blessed.

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I like this paper it has m y name in it!!!yea

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